Computers is taught to all students in PK3 – Grade 8. PreK3 and PreK4 come in small groups of 3 to 5 students so each child gets to the lab about 1 time a month.  Grades K – 8 come in half classes one time per week. In addition to Computer Class time there are iPads for use in all grades as well as Laptops for use in grades 4-8.

We start with basic mouse skills in the PreK and work up to designing our Digital Yearbooks by Grade 8. Typing skills are important and is one of our main focuses for our second and third graders. Students in grades 4 and 5 learn to use PowerPoint and Publisher to create different projects for class and for fun. Our sixth and seventh graders love learning Excel.  Our eighth graders works on their Yearbook along with creating videos and stories with laptops and iPads. We also have Sphero balls which all grades can use and have fun learning Science and Math with them as well.