Grade 1



We WELCOME March and the Season of Lent!

Monday, March 20th:  

Math: Math Workbook page 202

Spelling: Write words 3 times each

Specials: Library & Computers


Tuesday, March 21st:

Math: NONE

Spelling: NONE

Specials: Art/Computers


Wednesday, March 22nd:

Math: Math Workbook page 204

Spelling: 10 Sentences (Have your child is to pick a word and write a sentence using that word.  They are allowed to do 7 words or all 10)

Specials: Library & Music


Thursday, March 23rd:

Math: Math Workbook page 210

Spelling: Study

Specials: Art & Gym 

Please have children come to school in their gym uniforms and sneakers!


Friday, March 24th:


Specials: Spanish


Spelling List:

happy, everywhere, write, favorite, family, quiet, full, going, cherry, were