Please wear Summer uniforms!


Monday- Library (MUST return library books each week)

Tuesday- Art/Computer

Wednesday- Gym

Thursday- Music

Friday- Art/Computers and Spanish

Homework :

Sight words to practice for the week: THERE, NOT

Continue to practice sight words covered thus far: MY, OR, AND, THE, IN, IS, OF, A, WAS, TO, HE, SHE, FOR, I, ARE, YOU, AS, HIS, BE, FROM, PLAY, CAN, HAVE, SAID, HERE, WHERE, LOOK, LIKE, LITTLE, THIS, GO, COME, WHAT, DO, THEY, SEE, AM, ME, WITH, WE, HAS, THAT

It is imperative the sight words are being reinforced at home. Please be sure to go over these words with your children at home! You can make it fun. Make the sight words passwords to get into rooms, get snacks, have  a writing contest, etc.

Monday: Workbook page 117

Tuesday: Workbook page 118

Wednesday: Workbook page 119

Thursday: Review worksheet (sent home in child’s folder) 

Friday: NO Homework!


“All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten” -Robert Fulghum