Pre-K 3



Welcome to Pre-k 3

March 20- March 24

Theme: Dinosaurs

 This week Pre-K3 will continue their unit on Dinosaurs.  Our young paleontologists are enjoying digging for fossils and learning all about dinosaurs.

The letter of the week is U.  The students will learn to recognize both upper and lower case U and the two sounds it makes in words.  Ask your child to sing the “U” song.


 This Week:

Monday:  Library

Tuesday:  French

Wednesday:  Gym

Thursday:   Computers group 3

                        Show and Tell


Friday:   Mission Day for Sacred Heart School.  $2 donation no uniforms are required.



Preschool hours are 8:30- 11:30 for half day students and 8:30 -2:15 for full time students.  Please make every effort to be punctual when dropping off and picking up your child.  If you are more than 15 minutes late, please use the main entrance to the school.