The reading curriculum for Saint Elizabeth Grades K-3 is based upon the Scholastic Leveled Reading Program.  Our students are leveled yearly using the Fountas and Pinnell Assessment. They are closely monitored for progress and growth by our on-staff reading specialist.  Upon leaving grade 3, our readers have attained successful mastery of the Fry 1000 Word List and are reading on or above grade level.  Our teachers have been trained in teaching guided reading. St. Elizabeth School is one of the few schools in the diocese to have adapted this program.  We are thrilled with the progress our students are making.  Our children are enthusiastic readers who possess the necessary skills and strategies to successfully use reading as both a learning tool and a pleasurable activity.



St. Elizabeth students grades 5-8 will learn to love literature through a comprehensive, balanced, literary reading program. They will be introduced to a variety of literary styles and genres through classic literature as well as textbooks and comprehensive materials through an integrative approach. Assessments include projects, class discussions, tests, and written essays.