So what does Lunch Duty entail…

Each St. Elizabeth School Family is responsible for volunteering for Lunch Duty 3 times per child in grades K-8.

There are still some spots available so please review the Sign Up Genius link.

Kids love to see their parents in the school helping with lunch and snacks.

You will receive a reminder from SUG before your scheduled shift (please make sure the SUG settings are so that you receive a reminder message).

You are required to arrive at school by 11:00- this is very important since there is prep work that needs to be done before the children come to the cafeteria. Arriving late makes more work for the head lunch parents and other volunteers who arrive on time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your time may not count.

Please sign in (print your name and arrival time) on the sign in form at Mrs. Palmieri’s office. Then proceed down to the cafeteria. The head lunch parent will guide you in the tasks that need to be done. We greatly thank and appreciate them for their assistance each week throughout the year.

• Snacks prepared and set out
• Lunch entrées assembled, labeled, and/or sorted
• Lunch boxes, milk cartons, napkins, straws, allergy placemats/cones, etc. put out
• Distribute the food/snacks
• When the children arrive, no less than 2 volunteers should be in the cafeteria with the children to provide supervision during the lunches
• Wipe down tables (food and garbage picked up) and replenish snacks for second lunch

You should be finished by 12:45.

If for some reason you cannot volunteer on the date you signed up for, you are responsible for finding a substitute of your own or using a paid sub and paying them $20 per day. Our subs are:

• Teresa Petrone 201-920- 5072 or
• Krista Barabas at 917-710- 1240 or

If you, or a sub, do not show up on the date you signed up for, you will be charged a fine via FACTS. You will be fined $50 for the first miss, $75 for the second, $100 and so on for more misses.

If you have any questions or cannot find a sub, please contact Denise LaGalia prior to the day of your shift at 201-657- 1154. Please do not contact Mrs. Palmieri to ask her to find you a sub.

We greatly appreciate everyone’s help in making our lunch program a success and supervising our children in a loving and safe manner.